Keeping your body healthy and happy includes treating your body well from the outside in. Currently there is very little control over what companies can and do add to their cleansing and beauty products. Many include toxic chemicals in their ingredients that can cause diseases such as cancer. One of these ingredients that is prevalent in many products is mineral oil, a refined form of the crude oil used in cars and other machinery. Not only is it toxic to your skin and tissues, it also acts as a barrier to your skin, clogging your pores so no toxins can leave your body.

​Beautycounter is a company that has spent time and energy researching thousands of potential ingredients, looking for those that are effective and beyond safe in their application. Beautycounter has a list of 1000 nevers, ingredients that they will never put in their products including parabens, phthalates, polyethylene glycol, resorcinol, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, and synthetic flavor or fragrance. Beautycounter only includes those ingredients that have been rigorously screened and chosen based on meeting high performance and screening standards. All ingredients are available on their website for all to view so you can see exactly what ingredients you will be using and how safe they are.

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