Health & Wellness Coaching & Nutrition Advice Services in Northern Virginia

​At​​ JKLWELL HEALTH COACHING, we are more than just a one size fits all health coaching service. We believe in the concept of BIOINDIVIDUALITY; where each person has their own specific needs.

​​At JKLWELL Health Coaching, we:

​Go through your health history to determine past eating habits, exercise habits, family history and potential health risks.

​We then discuss your nutrition likes and dislikes and go through an education session where we cover which of those foods can help and which can hinder your healthy goals.

​We create a menu plan that will work with your likes and dislikes while keeping you on target for achieving that healthy goal.

​In addition, we help tailor an appropriate fitness plan that will work for your level and goals.

​We review other factors in your life that can impact your success and discuss how to improve those factors.

​Ultimately, we give you the tools and education to be able to implement this new health lifestyle to make it a permanent healthy, balanced, lifestyle that you can live with.

​Sessions are offered in packages of 3 weeks, 3  months, and 6 months, with meetings every week or every other week in person or via internet, and daily e-mails and texts.

Services Include:​

  • ​One on One Sessions
  • ​Performing a Health History
  • ​Creating a Nutrition Plan
  • ​Tailoring a Fitness Plan
  • ​Supplements