About Jodie – Nutrition Advice & Certified Health Coach in Northern VA

This is what I do and why I do it:

I am a mom of five beautiful children, a breast cancer survivor, a runner, an attorney, a musician, personal trainer, and a health coach. All of these things combined make me who I am, an individual. As a mom, I have spent years researching and understanding how food impacts my children. We have several food allergies in our family so I spend a lot of time analyzing ingredients. As a breast cancer survivor, I have spent the past five years really delving in to the impact food has on your body, which kinds will benefit each individual, and which can cause harm. As a health coach and personal trainer, it is my goal to help my clients understand these impacts so that they can learn to choose the best nutrition and exercise that will keep their individual body in optimal health.


Just as I am an individual made up of all the above traits and qualities, I value my  clients the same. Each person who walks in my door will be viewed and treated bioindividually. Together we will determine your own unique needs that will help you find your best healthy self through individualized nutrition and physical training goals.


I  am a certified and trained health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the Institute of Nutritional Leadership with a specialty in hormone health. I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.  In addition, I have a JD in health law with a master’s degree education in health care ethics. Helping others achieve the best health has been a long time passion that I continue to fulfill every day working with clients.

Services Include:​

  • ​One on One Sessions
  • ​Performing a Health History
  • ​Creating a Nutrition Plan
  • ​Tailoring a Fitness Plan
  • ​Supplements